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Picture of lift shaft scaffold cantilever suspended truss out

Lift Shaft Scaffolding

We offer a bespoke lift shaft scaffolding service.  Our qualified scaffolders are trained to safely take control and access lift installations.  They understand the requirements of the lift engineers and will install the scaffold to suit the purpose, enabling the engineers to work effectively and safely.

Picture of new lift car flooring


We carry out repairs to the fabric of the lift car and shaft including new car floors, mirrors and handrails; pumping out and cleaning lift pits and shafts; making good and painting.

Bespoke hoarding blocking off the lift lobby.


From the installation of entrance hoardings, through the rip out, structural alterations to making good finishes.  Elevator Building Service has it covered with safety in mind.

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Our scaffold services include pit and shaft scaffolds; full height and suspended anywhere within the lift shaft.  Lifting gantries, supporting scaffolds and debris netting.


Lift entrance hoardings, keyed to pass, in galvanised metal or painted wood.  Bespoke hoardings manufactured to your requirements.

Cleaning and Painting

Cleaning and painting of lift pits, shafts and motor rooms.  Pumping out flooded pits.  Full shaft clean downs.


Car floor covering and broken car mirrors replaced. 

EBS have worked in the lift industry for 30 years.  We carry out many repairs and alterations to lift installations inside and outside the shaft.

If the service you require is not listed please get in touch.  We'll do our best to help!